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Coralville Business takes on SEO to grow

The ranking, what is it?


Many people have heard about Search Engine Optimization but do not know what it entails or how important it is. Search Engine Optimization is the key to social media marketing. Social media marketing is the best marketing practice of many companies today. However, what determines the social media market success of a company is its ranking.

The ranking, regarding web search, is the way companies, websites or information are positioned when a keyword is searched. For example: if the word bookshop is searched, a series of bookstores will be produced in the result. Nevertheless, they will not all be produced in one line but will be listed from top to bottom. The top of the bottom list is not just a random list, but a list produces on importance.


For Coralville businesses, the goal is not just to be on the list, but also to be ranked number one on the list. The rankings do matter because been ranked below the list will generate close to 0% publicity for the business. One of the top reasons why people use search engines in the first place is to save time. Therefore, an individual who wants fast information will most likely not go beyond the first page of the search before making conclusions. This is true because various observations have shown that about 85% of people who use web search do not look beyond the first page. It does not matter how professional or good your business is, if you cannot stay on the first page, you are likely going to lose to your competition.


The only prevention from a highly possible loss is to maintain the top ranking. However, internet search portals with researching the top rankings can only be achieved and maintained by always using SEO in your business content. Since what Google and all other search engines use in ranking businesses is Search Engine Optimization, all businesses are required to use SEO to stay on top of these rankings.


All businesses aim at expanding not only locally, but also globally. Many people from different countries search the web for businesses. For a company to achieve global recognition, it needs to maintain a high ranking. This will help businesses establish an internet market in countries where do not have a physical market. Now that the internet is the new marketplace, companies have a lot to gain from this. That is why ranking on social media as well as search engines has gained its significant worth and value.

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